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Are you in search of top-tier craftsmanship for your home or commercial property? Look no further than Ridgeline Renovation. With our expertise in a wide range of construction and renovation services, we take pride in transforming your spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Specializations:

  1. Kitchen Renovations: Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Our team specializes in creating stunning and functional kitchen spaces. From backsplash installations that add a touch of elegance to full cabinetry installations that maximize storage, we tailor each project to your unique style and requirements.

  2. Deck Construction: Enhance your outdoor living with our top-notch deck construction services. We work with premium materials such as Trex Composite decking to create durable and beautiful decks. Our expertise extends to deck railings that offer both safety and aesthetics, providing the perfect backdrop for outdoor relaxation and entertainment.

  3. Bathroom Remodeling: From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, our team excels in bathroom remodeling. We handle everything from flooring installations to cabinetry and lighting, ensuring your bathroom is a comfortable and rejuvenating oasis.

  4. Commercial Buildouts: For businesses in need of tailored spaces, our commercial buildout services are designed to accommodate your specific requirements. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality make us the ideal partner for creating commercial spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Backsplash Installations: Elevate your kitchen or bathroom with a stunning backsplash that adds texture and personality to the space.

  • Flooring Expertise: Whether it's tiling, hardwood, or any other flooring material, we excel in installations that combine durability and style.

  • Framing: With our expertise in fortress steel framing products, we ensure your projects have a strong and reliable foundation.

  • Cabinetry: Our custom cabinetry solutions maximize storage and seamlessly integrate with your overall design.

  • Appliance Installation: Trust us to handle the installation of your kitchen and bathroom appliances with precision and care.

  • Lighting: The right lighting transforms any space. We create lighting solutions that enhance functionality and ambiance.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens: From indoor culinary havens to outdoor cooking areas, we create kitchens that cater to your culinary desires.

At Ridgeline Renovation we're dedicated to delivering excellence in every project we undertake. Our commitment to using premium materials like Trex Composite decking and fortress steel framing products, coupled with our skilled craftsmanship, ensures lasting quality and satisfaction. Whether you're envisioning a new kitchen, a revitalized bathroom, a captivating deck, or a functional commercial space, we're here to make your vision a reality.

We're Proud to Serve:

  1. Donegal

  2. Acme

  3. Laurel Mountain

  4. Jones Mills

  5. Somerset

  6. Ligonier

  7. Jennerstown

  8. Rockwood

  9. Champion

  10. Mount Pleasant

  11. New Stanton

  12. Greensburg

  13. Irwin

  14. Latrobe

  15. Connellsville

  16. Scottdale

  17. Uniontown

  18. Brownsville

  19. Belle Vernon

  20. Monessen

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